Randolph Elementary

Randolph Elementary School was originally designed in 1927 by Architect Thomas Williamson, who soon after went on to design the new Collegiate Gothic style Topeka High School. The original Randolph school was designed as a two-story neoclassical style building which Tevis took into account when designing the 7,483 square foot addition.

The addition provides the school with a severe weather shelter/ gymnasium. The new 6100 SF gymnasium will have a standard middle school size basketball court and a regulation volleyball court for physical education and other athletics. The gym can also accommodate the entire school population in an at-grade shelter when there is severe weather. Tevis has worked closely with the school to design an addition that will alleviate scheduling pressures on the existing multi-purpose room, eliminating scheduling conflicts between lunch periods and physical education classes. The new gym will also be used for all-school assemblies.

Topeka, KS
9,500 SF Addition
$1.4 Million
Under Construction